Tuesday, 29 September 2009


The weather has certainly been a boost for us. Earlier in the year we had plans of what we hoped to achieve this year and that seemed out of reach as the poor 'summer' came. Thanks to a wonderful September we have managed to catch up and do a great deal.

Last weekend I managed to get the soil in place ready to be levelled.
A busy week on the 'proper job' of working on lorries and feed barriers and I thought our luck would run out but thankfully this weekend I manged to level it out with the aid of 'Donald the digger'.We had to put our home well off the ground in accordance with our planning requirements but now with the area around gradually returning to normal it is beginning to look like a proper 'plot'. Pat had a day out at David Austin roses for her birthday and has come back with a big wish list and ideas.
The work continues...........

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Wellground Scriptwriter goes on his Honeymoon

Yes, today Wellground Scriptwriter (Vernon) had his first introduction at Toad Hall. He had a liason with ARU Cambridge Princess who was very receptive to his advances.

It is a major step forward in our breeding programme - he has wonderful blood lines. He was sired by EP Cambridge Commish Lad ( a son of Jolimont Commisario). His dam was sired by the famous NWA Ltd Ruffo. We will just have to wait and see if the union is successful.

Otherwise, another lovely day. More groundworks done - hopefully all the major work will be done before the weather breaks and we won't have to put up with another winter of mud, mud, mud. (But we wouldn't change our minds and leave here!!!)

Friday, 11 September 2009

More contentment

Vernon seems to have settled in very easily. He really is a gem. Thank you Rob & Les.
He had a good look round every nook and cranny of his shelter and paddock and then gazed across at the girls but he will have to wait a day or two for an introduction.

Tonight we took him for a walk up and down the race to get him more used to the halter, not too sure at first but Pat soon told him that he didn't have to be too much of a gentleman and let her go first so he thought he would give it a go.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

An addition to the family

We had a lovely day out today. Excellent company and lovely weather. Where did we go? Where else but the wilds of Wiltshire - Wellground Alpaca Stud.
It was lovely to meet up with Rob & Les again, also Leanne and her mum. A really friendly and social chat. I knew we would come away with positive vibes.

They all manage to keep so cheerful and positive even though they have had such a rotten time lately. Thank you all for a lovely day.

But thats not all we came away with - we also brought 'Vernon' home (we decided his name on the way home. He was known as Mr Scripps at Wellground, we linked that to Heartbeat and 'Vernon Scripps' and it seemed right.
He has travelled well and is now exploring his paddock. The girls have all been over to say hello. We will leave him to settle in for a day or two before taking him for a walk down the race to explore Toad Hall.
I will keep you posted!!!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Lovely Day

The weather today has been wonderful - the only problem was we both had our 'day' jobs to do but this evening we sat outside watching the Alpacas and enjoying the lovely sunset. The youngsters starting prancing round the field so out came the camera - but - this resulted in an instant end to the prancing and a stand off as I watched them through the camera, watching me to see who would give in first! I did! so then off they went again!!!!!

We have an outing tomorrow which I just know will be a super day - full of promise and positive thoughts for the future of Alpaca farming - more on that soon.

Lets enjoy this glorious few days of our 'Inidan Summer'

Sunday, 6 September 2009


A day of unwinding. We have had a very busy time lately as we hosted an 85th birthday party last weekend for Pat's mother. There were about 30 of us so the race was on to make Toad Hall fit for a family do. As the wind was too strong during the week we could not put up the marquees until the Saturday morning so the day was rather hectic but all turned out well and a good time had by all - lots of Alpaca talk to people who had never seen them before.
All week we have been putting things back as we had 'moved out' so that relatives could sleep in our house.

Today was a sunny day, much less wind, all seemed well with world and a day for catching up with chores.

Busy working on the paddocks

Charlie (Toad Hall Storm) investigating

Grand daughter Holly enjoying a ride on Jumbo