Sunday 25 March 2012


Well no, lots has been going on but I just haven't got around to letting you know.

I have just managed to catch up with a few blogs, new houses, success at the futurity, success with planning permission (at last) and cria arriving already, to name but just a few.

In the Autumn we succeeded in getting our permanent planning permission so we have been working out our plans for the future.

However a quick update - I had hoped to put in some photos of our lovely alpacas - but - with the heavy dew last night they are far from white, definitely grey or black due to the amount of rolling and generally lazing around in this gorgeous summer like weather.

Just before Christmas we had a phone call to say that son Antony was to be airlifted to Birmingham Hospital following an accident, however he was home again for Christmas and quickly back at work. 

Luckily his accident did not stop his big event of the year.  Congratulations to Antony and Lucy as they embark on married life.

Needless to say Mr Toad had to be his usual self during the family photos

A lovely day was had by all, especially grand daughter Holly who was one of the Bridesmaids.

The Alpacas are looking very well, we have been injecting, body scoring, nail trimming and evaluating.  We will shortly be adding some to our sales page but it is very difficult to decide who to part with.

We are pleased to say that following a whole herd test we are TB FREE,  I would add that we have NEVER shown any signs of ill health amongst the alpacas but TB is widespread and we are very conscious that this dreadful disease needs to be stopped.  Therefore we are  confident that our animals are all in good health and buyers of our animals and users of our Stud animals can rest assured that all precautions are taken to ensure their continued good health.

Our yarn and garment stocks are now getting quite low so shearing is booked for May and once again we will be off to the mill with an assortment of quality fleeces.

Hopefully it won't be quite so long before I am back again!!

Saturday 24 December 2011

Where did it go?

The year that is - this time last year it was SO  cold!  Today the sun is shining as once again I play catch up.

The cake is now iced, the turkey and trimmings to hand so hopefully presents wrapped later.

Although I am very poor at actually doing a blog I really enjoy reading about the ups and downs of our 'Alpaca Friends'  There have been many highs and lows for everyone and Thank you so much for sharing them.

As I watch the Alpacas they are queueing up to roll in a lovely mud bath - far from white now!  but they do look very happy and healthy.

And on that note
 may I wish EVERYONE a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a HEALTHY, if not wealthy NEW YEAR.

Wednesday 2 November 2011

A New Addition

A very overdue posting but not too much has been happening.

We do have a new four legged addition here - not an Alpaca, although called Nessie it is not a monster.

Thank you to Tabitha and Lucy we have the loan of a lovely pony for grand daughters Holly & Jessica.

Nessie met with Holly's approval immediately.

I have overcome the biggest hurdle I think I have ever had to encounter.  My mother has Alzheimers and lived alone about twelve miles away so this year has been very stressful as her condition worsened.  I suppose the best thing to be said about it is that on the whole she is very happy and has no idea she has the wrong day or time.

Anyway, she is now in care and her flat emptied and everything sorted.  A big decision but I know that she is safe and in company.  A few days away in Cornwall followed to celebrate a big birthday (suffice to say that at one time I would have been able to claim my Pension!) so we are now getting ready to face the awful winter they say we are going to get.
So much has been happening on various blogs - I have missed out a lot so it is taking me ages to catch up but I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Thank Goodness for Alpacas!!!

A long overdue but very short blog.  Unfortunately due to circumstances which are not farm related life has been extremely stressful over the last few months - BUT - there is now light at the end of the tunnel.

Decisions in life can be tough but when they are done with the best of intentions hopefully all will be well.

The thing that has kept us going is being able to sit and watch our lovely animals.  Unfortunately fleeces haven't been sorted, fleece shows not entered, blogs not read or written but hopefully by October life should return to some sort of pattern.

So basically - no news, all is well with the Alpacas and life in general, just one or two hurdles to overcome.

Monday 1 August 2011

Darby & Joan

Darby and Joan is defined  as "a happily married couple who lead a placid, uneventful life. 
Well I suppose we are in a way but life is far from placid - it's just hectic.

I've just realised it is a month since I posted a blog and I have missed out on so many happenings on other breeders blogs - I do read them but say to myself I must go back and comment but the time has gone (again).  It took me a long time to log in as I had forgotten my password!!!!!!!

The alpacas are well,  our little Simba is not so little now and runs over for his milk and actually sucks the bottle properly which makes life much easier - unlike the haymaking.

Mowing went well, turning went well, baling went well -  help organised for Friday night to get the bales in BUT the rain came on Friday morning.  I was not available to help so Sid did what he could on his own before they got too wet but had to leave over 200 out as the rain got heavier.  We both had a go yesterday when they had all dried out but it is not a job for Darby and Joan on their own and no help available.  Hopefully all will be sorted today before the expected rain tonight.

The paddocks look like desserts as the alpacas look for any green areas left.

Garment sales have been good at the recent sales and whenever I attempt to update the web page I run out of stock - good to the products are appreciated.  More knitting tonight and I really need to sort out the fleeces for showing.

Hopefully my computer will soon be more user friendly - it doesn't like tea spilt on it and makes things very difficult with unco-operative keys and a mouse!!!

Thursday 30 June 2011


Well here are  a couple of photos of our little boys as promised.

This is Toad Hall Simba in the dust bath

Here is Toad Hall Blue Ember with her latest offspring Toad Hall Timon

and not to be left out
Toad Hall Jolly Ruffo had to come and check out what was going on!

Three superb young males by Wellground Scriptwriter all with excellent genetics

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Midsummer - ALREADY

The longest day has come and gone, midsummers day the same.  It doesn't seem that long ago we were struggling with the cold.  However, the last few days certainly haven't been cold.

Toad Hall Simba, our poorly chap has been progressing slowly.  Rosemary kindly sent me an usual teat which helped in a different sort of way - his reaction was 'I'm not sure I like this, I'll give it a go but I will try harder if you give me the other one back!!'  We have now reverted to the 'normal' teat and he seems quite happy.
There is supposed to be a photo here - however the camera has gone walkabout with Sid so I will be back later.

Yesterday as morning dawned I looked out in the most horrendous downpour to see 'Toad Hall Blue Ember' out in the field - the other girls were all sensibly in the shelter.  This is unsual for Blue so I watched and within minutes she produced a healthy little boy.  Waterproofs on and off we go to get them in the dry - Blue is very, very protective and did not welcome the interference but we put them in the adjoining shelter, produced the necessary spray and left them alone.  She has not let us near enough to weigh him yet.  He was up and feeding in a very short time and spent the day in the sunshine.  We have named him 'Toad Hall Timon'  Timon is greek for 'respect' and he does stand out with his mum looking around and obviously knows he is something special as well as the name linking in with the name Simba .