Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Quiet Blog - Busy Time

Well October came and went and I never made it to the blog.   Life has been pretty hectic at Toad Hall since our last post.

Things didn't go according to plan for daughter Lisa following the birth of Jessica as she had a return spell in hospital so grand parenting duties to the fore but she is improving now so hopefully she will be fighting fit before too long.

My email address was hacked into and my password changed so lots of hassle to sort that out and the hard drive on the computer crashed so eventually I got round to sorting that out.

Anyway enough of woe - others have more to cope with, the alpacas are all fit and well.  Jolly Ruffo is certainly a lively lad, a credit to 'Wellground Scriptwriter' - I think all the other alpacas wonder what has hit them.  He is growing into a superb young chap - some photos of the animals next time.  They have all been injected, body scored, nails trimmed and bonnets coiffured!  Paddocks topped and edges strimmed - phew just more poovering to do.

Sid has managed a few hours on the barn - he has improvised instead of getting a lift to enable him to put up more of the roof!!!!

Start by parking the lorry underneath where the steel is required and lean the steel against the lorry.

Up the ladder and hoist up the steel

Walk along the lorry with required piece

Fix in place as required - easy really.

He says he takes Health & Safety seariously but wearing a fluorescent vest wouldn't be very beneficial - after all you do wear vests underneath your shirt don't you!!!!
Enough said!!