Sunday, 30 January 2011

Still here

Sorry blogs are few and far between, but all is well.

The alpacas are well and ..... dirty!!!! 

It seems strange to think of all that lovely white fleece they produce when they have been shorn looking at them now.  Mike Banks rang this week to confirm shearing again this year, we were very pleased with Sam and Shannon who he sent to us last year - even though Mike is very slow on actually confirming that he is coming on the date that was booked months in advance, but a superb job done.

They have all had a good check over and vaccinations are all up to date - We have two males who are now reaching maturity - Toad Hall Cool Troy and Toad Hall King of Diamonds.  Both superb white males who will make excellent herd sires.  We also have Wellground Scriptwriter so unfortunately one has to be sold.  We have decided to part with Troy who is by champion 'Cambridge Ice Cool Lad'.  He has a lovely character and a brilliant white fleece so he has been added to our for sale list with our wethers.  He will make a superb addition to any herd.

What a chore today - the Great British Bird Watch - I have to give up 1 hour to sit and count the birds - can I cope I ask myself.  There are three feeding stations around the house, which are all full so in between sewing buttons on our latest garments knitted by June I am recording the different birds. Unfortunately not so many thrushes or wrens this year, they really suffered in the cold weather, we also found a barn owl who succumbed to the cold.