Sunday, 19 September 2010

Its Official - Hes a Number 1

Well I said that the GWR fleece was the place to be - unfortunately we were too late arriving to witness the opening of the envelope that said 'Wellground Scriptwriter - 1st place'

It was truly wonderful to pick up our 1st place without the stress to Scriptwriter and for such an experienced judge to credit him with 1st place.

We did try to get him to model the rosette but he was still a bit excited today after his visit to 'Cambridge Bluebell'.

The concept of the show is great - the opportunity to see and hear the judge and to look at staple of the winning fleece was ideal.  Hopefully the BAS will take note.

Another little star met her new sister - and greeted her in the best way possible

The Day Holly met Jessica

Thursday, 16 September 2010

An Unexpected Arrival

No not a cria, but we are waiting and hoping that Hope is about to give birth but it is now looking doubtful even though she has repeatedly rejected Scriptwriter.  We are very pleased that Jessica Rose, our second grandchild and sister for Holly made her debut yesterday - unexpected as the due date was October 13th!!

Holly has been here with Nanny and Grampy for the past few days as Lisa had to go into hospital on Sunday, hopefully we will still make it to the GWR show on Saturday as we think it will definetly be the show of the year.

Our three cria are all progressing wonderfully well and it would be lovely if Hope did actually produce as expected.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Toad Hall Jolly Ruffo

Our new addition is most definitely the best cria we have ever produced - he is superb.

We have decided to call him Toad Hall Jolly Ruffo - which started out as him being called a ruffian because he is into everything, very nosey and introducing himself to all the other alpacas whether they wanted to meet him or not. 
Wellground Scriptwriter (the new daddy) has both Jolimont Commisario and Jolimont Arsenia together with NWA Ruffo and the Hermitage Lady Ruffo in his bloodlines so we decided to take a bit of both names

Toad Hall Brittania seems quite pleased to have company that is smaller than herself

Monday, 6 September 2010

A Welcome Surprise

Our new arrival is absolutely stunning.  Sid had not told me one important aspect of this lovely little chap - he is a superb light fawn, a lovely surprise.

Cambridge Princess is registered as a mid fawn but looks slightly off white but her parents were mid fawn and dark fawn.  He weighed in at 8kg and has fed well today.  The rain held off until 6pm and then we had to shut them in which did not please Princess very much but she has settled now in her shelter together with Bluebell and Tania.  Scriptwriter has done us proud.


Cambridge Princess has just given birth to a fine male cria by our very own 'Wellground Scriptwriter'.
All weekend she has been up and down and yesterday we were due to go to grand daughter Holly's Christening but we had to go in shifts as birthing looked imminent but Princess waited until today when at least it is a bit drier (at the moment).

I am at work so no photos until this evening as Sid is 'home alone' so to speak.