Thursday, 24 February 2011

All is well with the world

Well for the moment that is.The sun is shinning, the grass is growing, the snowdrops and crocus are out but most important of all - the animals are all well.

This is 'Toad Hall King of Diamonds',
Known as Barnaby at home, he will be coming in to work this year and I think he will produce some stunning offspring.

This is 'Toad Hall Cool Troy'

Troy is on our 'for sale' list.  He is the same age as Barnaby and is therefore also ready to start work this year so unfortunately we could not keep both.  Troy is by Ice Cool Lad and has a lovely bright fleece.

Today is special as we have a family get together and the children are coming to lunch.  Last week I had an unexpected stay in the cardiology ward at Worcester Royal Hospital and following an angiogram was given the all clear to go home last weekend.  So an easy week and a catch up with everyone today - Antony has just rung to say he has made a chocolate cake filled with cream - all that cholesterol!!!  Never Mind.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


It's a shame but the weather forecast was right - today heavy rain and winds.  I had hoped that after the glorious weather we had for the last few days it might continue for 1 more day.

It has been great for all those outdoor jobs and I had hoped to take the camera out today and capture some nice clean alpacas - but we don't have any clean ones now!!!

Sid has done more chain harrowing and put the road brush on the back of the tractor to clean the lane which had suffered recently due it flooding a few weeks ago leaving mud and debris on the road.

We had help on Friday to feed the animals - not sure Sid thought it was help though.  Holly and Jessica were here for the day while Mum had to go on a course for her work.

Pete came back in the week and loaded up his trailer with Ambrose, Prince & Ben who have now gone to their new home in Milton Keynes.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Calm at last

I'm very glad to say that the awful wind of the last week has at last subsided.  It seems so quiet now, a very frosty and foggy morning but the sun is peeping through.

We were very fortunate and although we had the raging wind - no rain.  The ground is amazingly dry so Mr Toad took the opportunity at the weekend to get out the little red ferrari (a very old basic red tractor to you and me!) and chain harrow some of the paddocks.  He had to hang onto the steering wheel though because of the wind - his tractor does not have a 'house' on it like my little green goddess, problem is my green goddess is sick and the mechanic is too busy to repair it!!!!!

Welcome visitors at the weekend were Pete and Steve who braved the winds for a wander among the alpacas, we look forward to seeing Pete again later in the week.

Scriptwriter is looking across at the girls and hoping for a visit, unfortunately it will only be for spit offs at the moment to check how pregnancies are going.