Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Calm at last

I'm very glad to say that the awful wind of the last week has at last subsided.  It seems so quiet now, a very frosty and foggy morning but the sun is peeping through.

We were very fortunate and although we had the raging wind - no rain.  The ground is amazingly dry so Mr Toad took the opportunity at the weekend to get out the little red ferrari (a very old basic red tractor to you and me!) and chain harrow some of the paddocks.  He had to hang onto the steering wheel though because of the wind - his tractor does not have a 'house' on it like my little green goddess, problem is my green goddess is sick and the mechanic is too busy to repair it!!!!!

Welcome visitors at the weekend were Pete and Steve who braved the winds for a wander among the alpacas, we look forward to seeing Pete again later in the week.

Scriptwriter is looking across at the girls and hoping for a visit, unfortunately it will only be for spit offs at the moment to check how pregnancies are going.


  1. Terrible wind here, as well!
    We need a picture of Toad in his Red Ferrari - particularly with him hanging on to the steering wheel for dear life!

  2. If only I'd had the camera to hand