Sunday, 13 February 2011


It's a shame but the weather forecast was right - today heavy rain and winds.  I had hoped that after the glorious weather we had for the last few days it might continue for 1 more day.

It has been great for all those outdoor jobs and I had hoped to take the camera out today and capture some nice clean alpacas - but we don't have any clean ones now!!!

Sid has done more chain harrowing and put the road brush on the back of the tractor to clean the lane which had suffered recently due it flooding a few weeks ago leaving mud and debris on the road.

We had help on Friday to feed the animals - not sure Sid thought it was help though.  Holly and Jessica were here for the day while Mum had to go on a course for her work.

Pete came back in the week and loaded up his trailer with Ambrose, Prince & Ben who have now gone to their new home in Milton Keynes.


  1. Good luck to Ambrose, Prince & Ben, bring back the sunshine.


  2. Hope Ambrose, Prince and Ben enjoy their new sun here either..and even little helpers are better than no helpers........Jayne