Thursday, 24 February 2011

All is well with the world

Well for the moment that is.The sun is shinning, the grass is growing, the snowdrops and crocus are out but most important of all - the animals are all well.

This is 'Toad Hall King of Diamonds',
Known as Barnaby at home, he will be coming in to work this year and I think he will produce some stunning offspring.

This is 'Toad Hall Cool Troy'

Troy is on our 'for sale' list.  He is the same age as Barnaby and is therefore also ready to start work this year so unfortunately we could not keep both.  Troy is by Ice Cool Lad and has a lovely bright fleece.

Today is special as we have a family get together and the children are coming to lunch.  Last week I had an unexpected stay in the cardiology ward at Worcester Royal Hospital and following an angiogram was given the all clear to go home last weekend.  So an easy week and a catch up with everyone today - Antony has just rung to say he has made a chocolate cake filled with cream - all that cholesterol!!!  Never Mind.


  1. The boys are looking well....its nice to see the sun on the photos, enjoy that chocolate cake ...never mind the calories !!........Jayne

  2. And strawberries ! one of your five aday !