Monday, 7 March 2011


Another busy few days.  The week was mainly overcast and cold but we have had a lovely weekend - cold nights and a glorious couple of days.  The alpacas certainly look content.

This weekend we had a visit from Helen & Dave who brought a lovely young female to visit 'Wellground Scriptwriter'.  They were very quick to take advantage of our special 'Mad March offer' of reduced priced mating.  Scriptwriter looked very pleased with himself today.
Wellground Scriptwriter - he is scheduled for a bonnet trim this week.

Helen & Dave also took away their new purchase - 'Toad Hall Britannia' is joining their growing herd.  Despite Britannia's difficult start in life she looks well and has a lovely fleece, I know she will be well looked after.

Unfortunately I didn't have the camera to hand when Britannia left but here is our gorgeous Toad Hall Jolly Ruffo who is a superb youngster.


  1. Congratulations to Helen and Dave! And to Scriptwriter who does look pleased with himself!!

  2. Mad March offers !....was Britannia the little lady in red socks !....I have often wondered about her !..... Ruffo and Scriptwriter look lovely .........Jayne

  3. Yes, Britannia is my little lady in red socks, her legs didn't become perfect but the intense physio was well worth it and they were almost straight. Sorry to see her go really.

  4. We have a few with fringes like that!!! It's the weather - causing a few bad hair days. We are waiting till May for our first matings - we have snow just now so you'll get why!

  5. So glad we don't have snow - you are obviously a tough lot up north!!!