Sunday, 28 February 2010

New Toys

A weekend of deliveries - unfortunately not cria, we have to wait a few months yet for them - but for management tools.
On Friday we took delivery of our new 'poo hoover' courtesy of Pro-Vac. It appears to be an easy thing to use so cleaning up will be quicker and easier.
Saturday brought a visit from son Matthew. He installed the new desktop computer and transferred all the programs and files from the laptop and helped update the website. At the moment it is taking twice as long to find anything as he 'tidied everything up' for me!!!
We have been lucky weather wise this week and have not had any weather extremes and thankfully no snow. Apparently winter is now over and Spring has Sprung according to weather men from the 1st March so we must remember that when it is bitterly cold again.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

A busy weekend

We had about four inches of snow on Thursday and then on Friday night the temperatures went down to -6 deg so we had visions of a repeat of the last cold spell. Luckily we only had a sprinkling of snow on Saturday night and today has been a lovely day and the snow has melted well although there is still plenty about. It looks as though we could have some more this week - it is getting very boring now although we certainly have not had it too bad. A mixed blessing when the roads are bad and the weather is very cold as lorries and horseboxes have problems (or at least their drivers do) and Sid is called in to sort it out.

Yesterday we had a visit from Carol and John who came to look at our Alpaca venture. They delayed their visit until the afternoon in the hope of a 'melting' day as the roads around Malvern had been so bad but that wasn't to be but we still made the most of things and had a wander through the paddocks and look through the animals of course. They were very interested in what we are doing and we look forward to welcoming them back before too long.
Sid got back from recovery work just in time to meet them and was out and about again after they left and didn't get back until late (again!)

A tidy up was the order of the day for today and planning out the future. We have decided to sell our 'Billy Goat' (no - not a four legged one!!!!) and transport box. The 'Billy Goat' was our first poo hoover but as we have expanded we have needed a larger model and the transport box hasn't been used since we have had the gator so they are both for sale. If you know of anyone who may be interested give Sid a ring on 07831 421195

Thursday, 18 February 2010

A White Out

Today was supposed to be a day of taking photos of the Alpacas that we are going to sell, but that was not to be.
Sid stocked up the hayracks and finished his morning rounds and we discussed the animals and at about 11 o'clock it started snowing - and now at 5.15pm it is still snowing and apparently the roads are chaos!

Before the snow though we did have a flock of about 18 Redwings suddenly appear by the hedgerow. We have never seen them so close to the house before but I could only get a poor photo of one through the window for fear of disturbing them.

Not an Alpaca in site. As soon as the snow arrived the girls went in to their shelter. The boys played about in it for a while and our macho man 'Wellground Scripwriter' just sat there wondering where the grass had gone but after a while he too disappeared into his shelter.

It is very cold (not as cold as some parts of Scotland I am glad to say) and unpleasant but hopefully won't last too long. For now we have locked the gates and shut out the world until tomorrow.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Nose, Toes, Bonnetts & Bums

Valentines day should be spent with the ones you love, so where else would we be but with our Alpacas!!
Today has been a glorious day, not as cold as it has been and lovely and bright. The boys were brought in and given the once over - Toad Hall King of Diamonds was not too keen on having his bonnet trimmed and definitely wouldn't wait around for a photo once finished. They are all looking really well.
I was a little concerned yesterday as Sid & Antony went on their travels - they have a habit of coming back with large machines. As far as I know they didn't buy anything but are very keen to locate the whereabouts of a 'matador' they could see from the motorway!! Cause for concern me thinks.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

A day out.

Today was a lovely confidence boosting day in the best company. You've guessed - where else but Wellground Alpaca Stud in the company of Rob & Les Rawlins. As usual we had a fleece rummage. We felt very priveleged to inspect their weanlings - stunning is only the beginning. What a future they have.
We put the world to rights and discussed our Alpacas and which ones we are going to offer for sale this year - all pregnant to the wonderful 'Wellground Scriptwriter'. We won't part with too many as his genetics will form the basis of our future herd. Lots of exciting plans ahead.