Thursday, 18 February 2010

A White Out

Today was supposed to be a day of taking photos of the Alpacas that we are going to sell, but that was not to be.
Sid stocked up the hayracks and finished his morning rounds and we discussed the animals and at about 11 o'clock it started snowing - and now at 5.15pm it is still snowing and apparently the roads are chaos!

Before the snow though we did have a flock of about 18 Redwings suddenly appear by the hedgerow. We have never seen them so close to the house before but I could only get a poor photo of one through the window for fear of disturbing them.

Not an Alpaca in site. As soon as the snow arrived the girls went in to their shelter. The boys played about in it for a while and our macho man 'Wellground Scripwriter' just sat there wondering where the grass had gone but after a while he too disappeared into his shelter.

It is very cold (not as cold as some parts of Scotland I am glad to say) and unpleasant but hopefully won't last too long. For now we have locked the gates and shut out the world until tomorrow.

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