Sunday, 28 February 2010

New Toys

A weekend of deliveries - unfortunately not cria, we have to wait a few months yet for them - but for management tools.
On Friday we took delivery of our new 'poo hoover' courtesy of Pro-Vac. It appears to be an easy thing to use so cleaning up will be quicker and easier.
Saturday brought a visit from son Matthew. He installed the new desktop computer and transferred all the programs and files from the laptop and helped update the website. At the moment it is taking twice as long to find anything as he 'tidied everything up' for me!!!
We have been lucky weather wise this week and have not had any weather extremes and thankfully no snow. Apparently winter is now over and Spring has Sprung according to weather men from the 1st March so we must remember that when it is bitterly cold again.

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