Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bronking Babies

At last we have got round to halter training our two young boys, Charlie & Chan. Putting the halters on did not get a good reception - the next stage did not look promising but we were pleasantly surprised. They both walked really well, apart from the odd throw around and bronk up and down. We reached our destination, turning around to return was not greeted with a positive response but once they realised where they had to go they went well. Lets hope the next time goes as well.
Perhaps the boys were saying thank you for moving them to their new paddock. We have now closed off the small paddock in the hope of some new grass soon and will rearrange the other Alpacas into their new paddocks this week.
The weather has been really kind this week, especially today which has been cold but we have had glorious sunshine all day.
Wool sales have gone well lately. My 'knitting lady' (I only discovered her recently)is very enthusiastic and as we are almost out of the dark fawn wool we are now only knitting garments in white so that we can continue to sell both the fawn and white balls.

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