Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Spring has Sprung

It has been a good week - no snow like Rolf, I'm glad that's all gone. You can never be sure what weather to expect in 'Cheltenham Week'. The Festival race meeting attracts huge crowds to the area and many are often caught out by the changeable weather. Ladies Day caught out a few of the 'ladies' in their skimpy outfits not really suitable for the races whatever the weather and Friday was very wet and cold.
But back at the ranch the grass is beginning to green up and I'm glad to say the Alpacas look well - hope it stays that way and I'm not tempting fate.

Sid has been busy 'poo-vering' and is very pleased with the new hoover. It is a Mini Tippa vacuum system which we bought second hand from Pro-Vac. They were very helpful and the machine is very efficient (not sure about the user though!!!)
We are trying out a different hose system though to make it lighter for me to use, some more adaptations to be made yet though.

Man at Work

Man at Play!

Lisa and Holly having a tour of the paddocks.

As I have some time off from the 'proper' job today I am meeting up with my 'knitting lady' who has made a start on some items which will hopefully be for sale - Judgement Day! as she put it. Time will tell.

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