Sunday, 19 September 2010

Its Official - Hes a Number 1

Well I said that the GWR fleece was the place to be - unfortunately we were too late arriving to witness the opening of the envelope that said 'Wellground Scriptwriter - 1st place'

It was truly wonderful to pick up our 1st place without the stress to Scriptwriter and for such an experienced judge to credit him with 1st place.

We did try to get him to model the rosette but he was still a bit excited today after his visit to 'Cambridge Bluebell'.

The concept of the show is great - the opportunity to see and hear the judge and to look at staple of the winning fleece was ideal.  Hopefully the BAS will take note.

Another little star met her new sister - and greeted her in the best way possible

The Day Holly met Jessica


  1. Congratulations - on Scriptwriter and the lovely new baby!
    It was really good to meet you at the show - a great day!

  2. the winning fleece and your lovely new Grandaughter what a wonderful weekend !......Celebrations all round ......Jayne

  3. Congratulations to the both of you with your first place win with Wellground Scriptwriter that fleece looks fantastic. It was good to speak to you at the show.

  4. Congratulations all round Toad's. What a week for you.

    Rob n Les

  5. Congratulations on winning with Scriptwriter! It was a good day out and so good to meet with you both.