Sunday, 5 December 2010

Cold - but better than most

We seemed to have been very fortunate and missed most of the terrible weather that has swept the country.  Our thoughts are with those who are having so much difficulty doing the everyday tasks.

Last Sunday we woke to a very hard frost of -11 degrees which didn't improve much throughout the day.  We only had about an inch of snow in the week, it's been cold and we have had to take water to the animals as the water troughs are all frozen and of course extra feed is needed by all.  Today started at -7 degrees and stayed below freezing all day, even though the sun was lovely and bright.
Wellground Scriptwriter looking through the fence at Toad Hall Blue Ember and Toad Hall Skye Blue. 

Skye Blue is the eldest of our three cria born this year, Brittania is doing well and still being bottle fed as Cambridge Bluebell has very little milk and as for Jolly Ruffo  -- Well!!!  He is a just so - different!!!  He looks wonderful and he is very entertaining - he loves he snow and frost and thinks all the others should too.

Knitwear sales have soared and we have met some lovely people recently who have come to purchase some of our home produced garments.  June's knitting needles are red hot in her race to keep up with demand.

The birds have moved towards the house even more as they know there is a ready supply of food here as the feeders are kept well stocked.  The buzzard and sparrow hawk are now a bit close for the goldfinches and tits comfort but no easy meals for them from the garden yet I am glad to say.

Pheasants seemed to have moved in despite trying to send them on their way (or they'll go in the pot!).


  1. You have had it cold !!....the alpacas look lovely and the Pheasant is far to end up in the pot !!...Better to admire from a distance than to be a moment of the pot !!.....the wild bird are also looking for food here too !!......Jayne

  2. Congratulations on your soaring knitwear sales!
    Breaking the ice and extra feeding is really taking the time at the moment but I expect Toad does it at speed in one of his fabulous vehicles!

  3. I don't think we can do anything at speed at the moment - cold has got into the bones!!!! Another cold night - 10 deg this morning but at least we can get out and about (albeit slowly)