Sunday, 8 May 2011


At last we have had some rain - nice steady rain that will soak in.  Hopefully it will be kind and not go on for days (Never satisfied!)

All the alpacas are well and  looking forward to being sheared at the end of the month I suspect.  No cria yet, hopefully we won't have to wait too long.

Nature is wonderful and there is an array of wildlife here, for the last six years we have had a bird box with camera in it.  Blue tits and great tits have overwintered in it but there has never been a summer nest - until now that is.
One week the box still had the winter nest in it, the following week nothing -


for the first time we have a blue tit and her eggs.  Hopefully all will turn out well and I will post some pictures of the chicks in a couple of weeks.

The monitor has three cameras attached, security camera, the nest box camera and the cria care camera.  Hopefully we won't need to use the cria care this time and they will arrive in good weather and fit and healthy!

Others have been making the most of the wonderful weather.

This was the view from our window and we thought the balloon was going to land in one of the paddocks however he must have spotted the electric wires and gained a few feet to go over the trees and land in the adjoining field.


  1. Sounds nice to always have a great program on tv all times, the blue tits in their house :-)

  2. Much better viewing than on proper tv. I see you have house martins - I saw some today but none have come to stay.