Monday, 13 June 2011

Problems with Internet

We are still here but our internet connection has been exceedingly slow.  The phone line was out for a week although we had very, very slow internet.  Hopefully both of those problems now seem to be improving.

Unfortunately I have had problems with 'Blogger'.  I have called it other names but they are not printable.  I read that others have had the same problem and I kept trying different things and hooray I thought I had cracked it - for all of ten minutes as we were then back to being unable comment, unable to blog or upload photos.

At the moment it is being kind to me so just to let you know that our little chap is growing steadily. He lost quite a bit of weight but hopefully has now turned the corner.  He looks well and at last is playing and pronking about.  Unfortunately he still won't suck the bottle, he lets his mouth fill with milk and then swallows and the vet does say that he really should suck to enable the milk to do the most good.  However no matter how small a teat hole we use he just stands and lets his mouth fill so we are just grateful that he does get the milk.  I have decided to call him 'Simba' as he is now fighting back like a little Lion!

Hopefully some pictures next time (whenever Blogger will let me)


  1. Looking forward to the pictures!
    I have also been having trouble with blogger!

    I had a real drinking problem with Greeves last year and was given some extra long very thin teats which did the trick. I have a spare one left so, if you think it might help, let me know and I will post it on to you.

    Hope he continues to improve.

  2. We too are having problems. It certainly tests your determination to post a blog when it takes 30 minutes! So thank you for the up-date on Simba...great choice of name:)

  3. I have been having loads of problems with blogger, but seems to be ok now I have unticked the box for keeping you logged in on the sign in page, so dont if that will help you


  4. As you know I have had my ......Problems ! to say the great to be back !......Jayne