Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A New Addition

A very overdue posting but not too much has been happening.

We do have a new four legged addition here - not an Alpaca, although called Nessie it is not a monster.

Thank you to Tabitha and Lucy we have the loan of a lovely pony for grand daughters Holly & Jessica.

Nessie met with Holly's approval immediately.

I have overcome the biggest hurdle I think I have ever had to encounter.  My mother has Alzheimers and lived alone about twelve miles away so this year has been very stressful as her condition worsened.  I suppose the best thing to be said about it is that on the whole she is very happy and has no idea she has the wrong day or time.

Anyway, she is now in care and her flat emptied and everything sorted.  A big decision but I know that she is safe and in company.  A few days away in Cornwall followed to celebrate a big birthday (suffice to say that at one time I would have been able to claim my Pension!) so we are now getting ready to face the awful winter they say we are going to get.
So much has been happening on various blogs - I have missed out a lot so it is taking me ages to catch up but I am thoroughly enjoying it.


  1. Good to hear from you again Pat. It is always difficult having to accept illnesses like Alzheimers which can affect our aging parents! These care people are saints.

  2. Due to moving house, we have been without internet so have only just read your blog. Alzheimers always seems to me to be very hard for the relatives - I am glad your Mum is settled, that must make things a little easier - every best wish