Saturday, 30 May 2009

Will it last?

The warm weather has returned so as they say 'let's make hay while the sun shines'
Well, l'm not actually making hay but as we have so much grass at the moment I am mowing the paddocks for silage as we are in danger of losing sight of the Alpacas.
They are all looking well, it wasn't such a shock this year when they were shorn and as it is now 3 weeks since they were done they look quite good. I am sure the lucerne we have been feeding has helped their condition.
Work around the house continues - we only moved here last year and were surrounded by mud for months but I am pleased to say that we now have some grass and a path and hopefully a few flowers on the way. However, nothing could spoil the view - not even the worst weather over the winter. It is wonderful to look out on the Alpacas, especially in the evenings.
Pat (also called Toadette by some!!) is on the mend following an operation on her right hand - you could say I'm her right hand man!!!!!!!!!!!!

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