Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Gem's Surprise

We have 4 cria due over the next few weeks and have been keeping a close eye on the girls. I checked them early afternoon and all was well - when I came back at 5pm and went over to check them again I was greeted by a solid white very healthy looking male cria. One problem, it wasn't immediately obvious who was Mum. He was going from one to another but mostly to Gem. Gem was our first born here and this has been her first pregnancy, she was mated to 'EP Cambridge Samson' , a stunning male at Wellground Alpaca Stud. There were little signs of birthing but we decided to put Gem and baby together and they seemed content. Poor Gem was confused, we gave 100ml of Colostrum to the cria to play safe but we have just managed to get him sucking off Gem and hopefully they will settle together over the next 24 hours.

What a good job we live here - we can check and feed overnight if we need to.
This morning we welcomed Les Rawlins from Wellground Alpaca Stud. What a pity our new arrival didn't come yesterday. Les brought 'Cambridge Buckingham' to do a spit off with Blue Ember which was negative so Cambridge Buckingham set to work.. Rob wasn't feeling too well - hope you feel better now Rob.
Off to put on the thinking cap for a name for our new arrival.

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