Thursday, 10 September 2009

An addition to the family

We had a lovely day out today. Excellent company and lovely weather. Where did we go? Where else but the wilds of Wiltshire - Wellground Alpaca Stud.
It was lovely to meet up with Rob & Les again, also Leanne and her mum. A really friendly and social chat. I knew we would come away with positive vibes.

They all manage to keep so cheerful and positive even though they have had such a rotten time lately. Thank you all for a lovely day.

But thats not all we came away with - we also brought 'Vernon' home (we decided his name on the way home. He was known as Mr Scripps at Wellground, we linked that to Heartbeat and 'Vernon Scripps' and it seemed right.
He has travelled well and is now exploring his paddock. The girls have all been over to say hello. We will leave him to settle in for a day or two before taking him for a walk down the race to explore Toad Hall.
I will keep you posted!!!

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