Sunday, 6 September 2009


A day of unwinding. We have had a very busy time lately as we hosted an 85th birthday party last weekend for Pat's mother. There were about 30 of us so the race was on to make Toad Hall fit for a family do. As the wind was too strong during the week we could not put up the marquees until the Saturday morning so the day was rather hectic but all turned out well and a good time had by all - lots of Alpaca talk to people who had never seen them before.
All week we have been putting things back as we had 'moved out' so that relatives could sleep in our house.

Today was a sunny day, much less wind, all seemed well with world and a day for catching up with chores.

Busy working on the paddocks

Charlie (Toad Hall Storm) investigating

Grand daughter Holly enjoying a ride on Jumbo

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