Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Pain then Reward

Pain for 'Wellground Scriptwriter' that is but good news for us. Princess rejected his advances so hopefully next September we will have a young Scripwriter running around. To console him he was introduced to Atlantic Hope who certainly didn't reject his advances. Princess is a solid white and Hope is a dark fawn so we may have a variety next year. Hope's last cria was by the wonderful 'Samson' and is a solid white with a wonderful fleece - hopefully a herd sire of the future.

The other ladies and young males had a routine maintenance session of toe nail clipping and health checks.

We had rain today which has freshened things up. Although we needed the rain it has been wonderful to be able to get on with a variety of jobs and not make a mess, but autumn has well and truly arrived with the onset of the early nights but it has meant some wonderful sunsets.

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