Sunday, 25 October 2009

Crafty cria

We have thought for some time that Gem was not feeding Charlie that well as he spent a lot of time with Chan and his mum Hiccup - today our thoughts were confirmed. Hiccup is feeding two cria. Right in front of the window this morning were the two of them feeding together. Chan, Hiccup's own cria stands closer to her with Charlie farther away.

This brings me on to another subject especially relevant to this time of year - feeding. We feed Camelibra and hay ad lib during the summer, also we feed speedi beet to nursing mothers and we have also fed bruised oats. We feed lucerne when we don't have good quality hay. The grass has been good this year, with plenty of it but as it deteriorates we need to think of winter feeding.

At the Royal Show we purchased a bucket mineral lick but none of them seem to have used it, we also bought a vitamin drench which we have not used as yet. All our animals look well so we want to keep them that way without overfeeding (or spending unnecessarily). After reading recent blogs associated with vitamin problems we do not want to overdo unnecessary additives but also want to make sure our animals don't miss out. The cria will have their monthly vitamin injection during the winter
We would love your comments/suggestions on feeding.

Making the most of a fine day was grand daughter Holly - enjoying her swing in the oak tree.

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