Monday, 9 November 2009


We have been busy over the last couple of weeks trying to get the urgent jobs done before the weather turned.

Firstly we un-planted the garden! Different I know but as soon as were able to in the Spring we managed to plant a small area with some summer flowers and our roses which we transplanted from our previous abode. We were lucky enough to have use of 'Ken the Kubota' so just before the rains we managed to remove the plants and get the ground into better shape ready to restock.
We are now prepared for the cold too. I managed to finish installing the wood burner on Saturday. Hopefully this is the last of the major works before we start building the Alpaca barn in the Spring (but perhaps our Alpacas will be like those on Countryfile last night and will decide to give birth in good weather between 8am and 2pm - it hasn't happened yet!!!)

A welcoming site to come home to!

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