Sunday, 18 July 2010

Old and the New

As usual life has been very busy at Toad Hall. Our neighbouring farmer was installing a new water supply so we seized the opportunity to upgrade ours. We are a long way from the water mains at the end of the road so a digger and driver had to be hired to do the long stretch.

The moling man then had to come to bring the pipe under the lane and Sid and our mini digger had to do the last stretch - where the old meets the new. Now all ready to be connected up and hopefully we will have better pressure.

The Alpacas are all well and very contented. This is a picture of 'Bluebell' who is now in the 'birthing window' so hopefully we will have a healthy cria before too long, together with a normal birth - which would be a first for 'Bluebell'.

Skye continues to grow well and give the older animals the run around. At the moment she is fairly white, we haven't had much rain but when we have she has delighted in having a mud bath.

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