Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Mixed Blessings

The good news is that today Bluebell produced a beautiful solid white girl, almost by herself.  Just before 10.30 this morning there was a head visible but no legs.  Sid scrubbed up and we went to her assistance, the cria's legs were pulled out and she was delivered all OK.  The first straightforward birth for Bluebell.  The sire, Bozedown Flurry is owned by some friends at Grovesnor Alpacas.

Unfortunately the bad news is that our 'Lady Red' has deformed feet.  The flexor tendon on both front feet is too tight meaning that the feet are tucked right up.  Survival looked very bleak at the start as she couldn't stand and seemed very weak.  We gave her glucose through a syringe and before long she had been very adaptive and standing on the joint. We had put them in the shelter but she managed to make her way outside.  If you look closely at the picture you can she how the feet are turned backwards.  We gave her colostrum as she couldn't really stand for too long and we needed to give her the best start - no problems that was gone in a flash, no trouble with sucking.

The vet came and showed us how to give physio to stretch the tendon.  We must do this as often as we can but the vet is hopeful that the problem can be corrected but it will take time.  She certainly is doing her best as she can now stand and feed from Bluebell and follows her around the paddock.

You can see from the picture why she is called Lady Red.  The vet has bandaged the legs and padded the joint to protect it or that will be at risk of infection and put the feet as far forward as they will go.
 They are now shut in the shelter with the infra red light on and we can watch them via the monitor in the house but hopefully she will continue to gain strength and we will continue to stretch the tendon so she has a good chance of pulling through.

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