Monday, 2 August 2010


Our Lady in Red is growing well, gaining half a kilo a day.  We are bottle feeding - Bluebell has never had enough milk to feed her cria in the past and we thought this might be due to the traumatic births she endured but this time we don't know as the birth was fairly straightforward but it could be because Red can't stand long enough or because she hasn't got enough milk, but it is not a problem - the teat is eagerly taken and what is wanted is consumed with gusto and then she immediately goes and sucks on Bluebell so she has the best of both worlds and Bluebell is content too.

We are flexing the feet as often as we can and are waiting to hear back from various vet hospitals about splints or tendon re aligning.  This has to happen quickly now as she is growing and there is the problem of bone deformity if something is not done soon - and then we may have to make a very unpleasant decision.

As you can see from the pictures we have moved Blue & Skye into the same paddock.  Bluebell was getting quite stressed about us picking up her baby so often but has relaxed now she has more company.  Skye too is enjoying investigating the new arrival and cannot understand why she does not follow her round on her bronking sessions but they do walk around together a little.
She looks perfect in this position - if only!!!!! 

At least the problem is not genetic.  I must thank everyone for their e mails etc., especially from America and Australia where they have encountered this problem before and things have turned out well in the end.  So everything crossed.

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