Thursday, 26 August 2010

Technology Restored

Thank goodness - we have phone and Internet, hopefully I haven't put a jink on it now.

We have been very lucky regarding the weather, until yesterday that is.  At lunchtime it started to rain and rain and rain on through the night but today has been dry but dreary - very autumnal.

Anyway, let me make an introduction.  This is Toad Hall Britannia.

Formerly known as Lady Red, or socks, or boots or little one.  She is now a month old and only wearing one splint.  We have called her Britannia (Tania for short) as she has had a variety of red, white and blue leg coverings.

She only wears one splint now as the right foot is flat on the ground and the left one is not far behind.  Hopefully the excellent progress she has made will continue.

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