Friday, 28 May 2010

Job VERY well done

After our mild panic that our shearers might not be coming on Tuesday as we hadn't heard from them for some months it all went very smoothly - and quickly.

Sam and Shannon arrived and immediately got to work. We had the Alpacas all close by on a one way system. We started with 'Toad Hall Blue Ember' whose cria is due in a few weeks, she screamed all the time but was up and out very quickly. The others were much quieter. They were very considerate with 'Atlantic Hiccup' as she had been so poorly with her joint problem and she was able to get up and move away with no after effects. My bag system worked very well, and as Barbara pointed out I needed a MUCH bigger bag for Scriptwriter's fleece - there was lots of lovely, dense fleece. Job done and lunch taken all in under three hours.

I must say that we are very pleased with the way all the animals look, they are so much happier too. 'Scriptwriter' seems to be revitalised - he went bronking around and running up and down the fence, obviously ready to start work again.
This is 'Wellground Scriptwriter' looking across at the ladies this evening
with 'Toad Hall Storm' watching him.
'Atlantic Hope' and 'Toad Hall Ice Gem' quite relaxed and enjoying the grass.
' Toad Hall Ice Lolly' watching the topping in the paddock next to her.

'Toad Hall Ice Gem' and 'Toad Hall Ice Lolly' both have a meeting with 'Wellground Scriptwriter' this weekend.
Now to get the fleeces sorted for the GWR show.

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