Saturday, 15 May 2010

New Web Site done AT LAST

At long last I have been able to photograph the knitted garments, get them modelled (one very dubious model!!! but none the less I am very grateful), photographed and uploaded to the web site. It does help when the sun shines - everything seems to be a little bit easier.

Today has been a lovely day but the Alpacas look very hot. I spent a lovely day at Wellground to watch their set up which was very streamlined and efficient and Colin Ottery did a fantastic job. We will be shearing in a couple of weeks but still have work to do on the shearing area.
This year we will do the shearing in the old hay barn because that has a roof on it and we have to cater for the typical British weather.
The concreting of the floor of the Alpaca barn has now been completed so hopefully we will be able to start building it in the near future - however we also have another field shelter to build before 'Blue Ember' gives birth next month. Plenty to do.

Hiccup is making steady progress and mixing more with the other females now so fingers crossed that the worst is over - really glad we had not re mated her. We made the decision to leave her empty this year as she fed two cria last year so needed some time to herself.
The grass is growing but so are the buttercups and thistles - more paddock maintenance to do.

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