Monday, 24 May 2010

Thank Goodness its Shearing Time

Tomorrow we will be shearing our herd - well when I say we I actually mean Mike Banks' team. A slight concern crept in this afternoon as we had not heard from Mike since the initial booking just after Christmas but thanks to Jeff & Sheila at Easter Wood who gave me his phone number we were able to confirm all systems go. The shearing coincides with an expected drop in the temperatures this week but I don't think the Alpacas will mind.

They are very heavily fleeced and the boys came up to me as if to say

'Get it Sorted!'

Scriptwriter has spent most of the time lying in the shade or drinking. His fleece is very dense. At least he has an interview with the ladies lined up at the weekend, it had to wait until his coat was removed for his own good.

The fleece bags lined up ready for tomorrow, let's hope I put the right quality in the right bag!!!

Lastly, not Alpaca related but one to make you smile -
Grand daughter Holly enjoying some of her Dad's birthday cake!

Did you guess that it was Chocolate Cake by any chance!!!!!!!!!!!!

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