Thursday, 7 January 2010


We've only had it a short while and already it is too long. Yesterday we were snowed in, the lane was impassible so no work for me. Sid had to get out the Matbro and big bucket and do some clearing, he got so far up the lane then there was a tree down so that was the next hurdle to overcome. After a while we could at least get out if we needed to.


Today didn't start too well either - firstly no water, this time in the house!

It was minus 14 deg outside. Anyway I got ready for work and my Freelander wouldn't start so Sid took me to work and on his return set about sorting out the water problem. Unfortunately it was not at the stop tap as expected but farther along underneath the park home. He had to leave that whilst he fed and watered the animals and then came back to the water problem. Altough the pipe was well insulated an eight foot length of pipe was frozen solid so he got to work taking out the frozen piece and inserting a new piece, insulating again and again and again!!!!
It was then time to come and fetch me from work and back to do the animals again.

Luckily the Alpacas were all quite content but not very impressed with all the white stuff

So that was today gone - we await tomorrows challenge!!!

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