Sunday, 24 January 2010

A busy weekend.

The weather has been very mixed this week, we have had wind, rain and more rain, snow, more rain but it has ended with a beautiful weekend. Saturday and Sunday have stayed dry, cold and bright.

This enabled us to get a lot of outside jobs done. Nails were trimmed, injections administered and body scoring done. The Alpacas all look quite happy except perhaps poor Wellground Scriptwriter - we did 'spit offs' today and wonderful news for us was that the girls positively rejected Scriptwriter. We eagerly await his offspring in July and August. He wasn't too impressed as we did not want any December births he was not able to have his way with any of the empty girls - not just yet!

We took a wander round the permiter checking the boundary fences and it was lovely to see the catkins forming. Hopefully Spring is not too far away.

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