Sunday, 17 January 2010

Tales from the Riverbank!

Well almost. Last week we had twelve inches of snow in the lane - yesterday we woke to at least twelve inches of water. Mr Toad managed to drive his Discovery through it but it was no easy task as we could not tell where the road ended and the ditch began.
Unfortunately we never made it to the meeting at Bristol as Sid was called out to a lorry who had a mishap on the ice so we will try to get to the one at Exeter in February. We had hoped to have a chat with the wise Badger, deep in the heart of the wild woods of Bratton!!!!!!!! I am sure we will catch up soon.
The snow has all gone and the Alpacas think it is wonderful - they obviously felt deprived and spent most of yesterday outside no matter how hard it rained. Today is a lovely morning, no rain, no snow and a hint of brightness in the sky. Hopefully it will spread northwards and bring a hint of spring to those of you who have really suffered the trials and tribulations of winter. The only up side I can think of is the wonderful array of birds we have had in the garden. With the snow gone we can see that moley has been busy in the garden, lots of little mounds all over the place.

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