Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cheery S or Dreary S!!!

There was talk on the blogs last week of the 'S' word for the weekend. Unfortunately it was the dreary 'S' that arrived on Friday night. We had a covering of Snow on Saturday morning which froze hard and everywhere was like an ice rink. The look on the Alpacas faces was one of disbelief. It has been a bitterly cold weekend but luckily the cheery 'S' was high in the sky today and thawed everything out but unfortunately the forecast for mid week is not good once again.
After the hay racks had been replenished this morning and the gator returned to the barn the chickens decided to check it out for any goodies that might be lurking.

They pecked at the bits and seemed very content and are laying very well considering the cold weather.

Hopefully it will stay above freezing for a couple of days so that we can get a small area concreted that was supposed to be done before Christmas but couldn't be done due to the extreme cold.

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