Sunday, 10 January 2010

Is the worst over?

We have been very lucky really compared to many parts of the country. It has been very cold and very icy but we have not had to endure it for very long compared to other parts of the country. Hopefully the worst is now over - the forecast for the week ahead is less harsh, indeed with temperatures set to be just below freezing at night it will be a welcome relief to many.

The Alpacas seem to have worked out that the grass is there somewhere but it is the boys who spend most time outside. They wander around and prance around at regular intervals but the girls have a look around then head back for the hay.

Breakfast was a little late this morning and they were giving anxious looks - and checking I was on the way!!!

They were quickly at the troughs as soon as the buckets were emptied into the feeders

Yet more hay and more water to transport

All very worthwhile though.

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