Friday, 1 January 2010


We have spent a week wondering as to the safety of our Son and a friend who decided to go climbing in the Cairngorms & Ben Nevis. They went on Boxing Day for a week. They have done several climbs but not in the snow.

The first text on Boxing Day said all was well and they were quite content in their tent at minus 10deg We then heard again on Monday evening that all was going well but not entirely to plan. With the severe weather warnings in abundance and no contact again until Wednesday evening life was a little stressful but I am glad to say that he is now back in his home and we can relax.

Thank goodness the alpacas could take our minds of it. They all look well and are getting through the hay in abundance. Vitamin injections for the cria and general check over for them all tomorrow and weather permitting we may do some 'spit offs' too with 'Wellground Scriptwriter'. He has a wonderful presence - walks around his paddock looking like the king of the castle.

We hope to start work on the Alpaca barn before too long which will make life much easier, we also have to learn more about fleece sorting and producing items from it.

Best wishes to everyone for 2010 - we really enjoy the blogs from everyone, it is like catching up with one big 'Alpaca Family'. Hopefully we can meet some of you in Bristol at the meeting soon.

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