Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Snow has arrived

After yesterdays freezing start to the day of -9 deg today it started snowing about 10.30 whilst I was at work and within an hour we had a substantial covering. As I listened to the local radio it was obvious the local roads were soon in chaos. At midday I was told to go home because of the conditions so a journey that usually takes 20 minutes took about and hour.

I am lucky as I have a Land Rover Freelander but I met many cars going extremely slowly but then getting stuck on the slightest inclines because they were going so slowly. Unfortunately there were also accidents. The forecast for tonight is not good so only time will tell if we can get out tomorrow.

The Alpacas go into their shelters but every time it starts to snow again they come out and the majority start bronking around. I agree with them it is nice at the moment and lovely to have fun in but only for today, I feel sorry for those who have had prolonged snow - it obviously makes everything twice as hard. Good Luck to all of you.

It has now started snowing again but logs on the fire, dogs in front of it and evening meal on the go so I will shut the curtains on it for tonight!!!

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